Wave Bye-bye, Wayne
(But say, Hi, to Grover; Burger King beckons you both)

Ma! Quick, fetch me my rifle. Brother Wayne's lost his grip.
Despite how he threatens, the Congress will vote.
His NRA could join Grover Norquist
As a lobbyist unable to jump down Congress's throat.

Why let the Congress do what it's supposed to:
Hold healthy debates and pass our laws?
How can Grover and Wayne fight for corporate America?
Can Obama and Blunt inject enough flaws?

Will offshore tax havens continue to flourish
As Grover's one percent pays its share of the tax?
Millionaire CEOs could be severely impacted.
Boards may let bonuses slip through the cracks.

Munitions makers will have to look elsewhere
As gun sales drop off and few firms are left.
Endangered species might at last stand a chance:
Far fewer school children will make their parents bereft.

Bob Carlson

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