What's In Your Tap Water?
("Only fertilizer and Roundup?")

Be thankful you don't live in a midWestern state
With Iowa's high nitrate levels in its "drinkable" water.
Watch Grassley denounce the EPA levels,
Like that lowers the levels at which they've got 'er.

Just dump on more and lots more of those high nitrate fertilizers
To try to get Monsanto's genetically modified seeds to perform.
Then wait till Dwayne Alons's Roundup that's been carbonated
Gets into the the water and takes the whole state by storm.

When they dump the removed nitrates back in the river,
Will they be dumping Alons's used Roundup too?
Iowans won't be just early pickers of presidents
Their runoff will give their neighboring states more reason to sue.

Bob Carlson

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