Obama's Gulf War –
Toxic To Children
Adults, birds and marine life

Don't let your children grow up to be swimmers –
Not in a sea where their dispersants lurk.
Four times as toxic as oil they're attached to,
They've no warning labels to say how they work.

Will BP advise what their side effects are,
Like after a swim you should not drive a car?
Will nausea, vomiting, and headaches result
If, God forbid, you get some in your mouth?
Will watery eyes cause some cataracts later,
And plans to avoid Haley Barbour's deep South?

To British Petroleum's CEO, Hayward,
The chaos they're causing is "tiny" compared
To their most recent huge Texas explosion
And no indication BP's safety impaired.

You won't agree if you or your children
Swallow his hogwash or stuff they've dispersed,
That industry sanctioned "deodorized kerosene".
So what would he say if your roles were reversed?

Bob Carlson

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