Importing Japanese Nuclear Expertise
(For Obama, Joe Barton and Lamar Alexander)

Need proof that Lamar Alexander hates Texas
And would love to see Barton fall flat on his face?
Joe Barton's the nutjob who's backing Obama's
Plans for Japan's TEPCO as his nuclear ace.

We've seen how his rhetoric stymied Qaddafi
And prevented the slaughter of Qaddafi's foes.
Has he broken free from that team of advisors
Who insist that he dawdle to see how "it" goes?

TEPCO's the Tokyo Electric Power Company
Whose emergency diesels that run cooling pumps,
Didn't, although they were designed by Toshiba,
Who like TEPCO is also now taking its lumps.

The fact that Joe Barton is for it is scary.
Remember he pardoned BP for its spilling?
And he doesn't care if the natural gas mafia
Pollutes underground water because of its drilling.

Even weirder, Beck and Limbaugh are of the opinion
That what's happened to TEPCO is what it was due.
Does that mean that they won't welcome TEPCO's assistance
With the Joe Barton/Obama South Texas snafu?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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