More About Teddy Ready? in Rhymed Verse
    “Republicans Hacking Obamacare”11/17/13
    “Got Your Numbers”11/3/13
    “Pocket Size Teddys For Halloween”10/31/13
    “Limit NSA Spying To "Local Yahoos"”10/29/13
    “Ted Cruz: Obstructionist? No! An Anarchist!”10/27/13
    “Whose Place Is At Risk In The Kochs' Master Race?”10/24/13
    “Who Knew The NSA Was Into Eugenics?”10/22/13
    “Depopulating America”10/21/13
    “Class Warfare: The Kochs' Eugenics”10/21/13
    “Terminating Teddy”10/19/13
    “Ted Cruz Is In Danger”10/18/13
    “The Congressional Mole”10/14/13
    “A Failed Execution?”10/3/13
    “Teddy Goofed Again”10/1/13
    “Is Congress Worried?”10/1/13
    “They Quit En Masse”9/30/13
    “Teddy Wasn't Ready”9/30/13
    “Connections Needed”9/23/13
    “Putin: Enough With The Threats”9/10/13
    “Gypping The Congress”9/9/13
    “Marco Rubio's Minions”9/8/13
    “Questions At The 'Top'”9/4/13
    “The Tea Party Plague”8/27/13
    “Only One Percent For Tea?”8/27/13
    “Are Arsonists Ready?”8/27/13
    “And Their Party Is...”6/4/13