More How The Kochs Pollute in Rhymed Verse
“Kochs Just Warming Up”11/19/13
“Got Your Numbers”11/3/13
“Pocket Size Teddys For Halloween”10/31/13
“Limit NSA Spying To "Local Yahoos"”10/29/13
“Democracies Don't Need Bigger Bribes”10/28/13
“Sterilization? Marriage Restrictions? The Oven?”10/26/13
“Are You Ready For The Koch Eugenics?”10/25/13
“Whose Place Is At Risk In The Kochs' Master Race?”10/24/13
“Who Knew The NSA Was Into Eugenics?”10/22/13
“Enforcing The Koch Eugenics”10/21/13
“Depopulating America”10/21/13
“Class Warfare: The Kochs' Eugenics”10/21/13
“Terminating Teddy”10/19/13
“Petcoke Is Petkoch”10/19/13
“Wanting It All”8/23/13
“Bagging The Kochs”8/23/13
“Keep The Kochs Happy”6/17/13
“Short Term Profits”6/17/13
“Have You Heard A 'No'?”3/7/13
“Koch's Farewell to Wall Street”2/26/13
“Oil Moguls vs. Greenland”1/25/13
“Dirty Coal's Term Limits”1/22/13
“Murdering By Executive Order”1/22/13
“Joining The Koch Brothers”1/21/13
“Tornadoes: Inhofe Supplies, Cantor Balks”5/25/11
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