More KXL Pipeline in Rhymed Verse
    “Stick It And Shove It”8/1/13
    “A Last Laugh”7/31/13
    “Campaign Contributions And Corruption”7/30/13
    “Spoonin' Bitumen?”7/30/13
    “Big Oil's 'A' Team”7/27/13
    “Fond Memories Of Old Alberta”7/26/13
    “An Age Of Asphalt?”7/26/13
    “A New Premier”7/25/13
    “Petropolitics In Alberta”7/24/13
    “Blowing Up The Tar Sands”7/23/13
    “Two Fools”7/22/13
    “Alberta's End Appears Near”7/21/13
    “The Khazzoom-Brookes Postulate”7/20/13
    “Invincible Youth”7/19/13
    “The Big Blast”7/18/13
    “Tar Sands Cancers”7/17/13
    “Florida Snowbirds Prefer Harper's Tar”7/17/13
    “A Republican Prime Minister”7/16/13
    “Water! Water!”7/15/13
    “Where's The Opposition Party?”7/14/13
    “As Dumb As They Come”7/13/13
    “That Blue-eyed Bitumen Sheik”7/12/13
    “Inadequate Planning”7/12/13
    “The Prime Minister's Thanks”7/11/13
    “Canada's Petrostate”7/10/13
    “Reducing Crude Oil Transportation Costs”7/7/13
    “GMOs For The Dogs”7/2/13
    “Alberta's Five Star Tar”7/1/13
    “Mike Whatley, Lobbyist”6/26/13
    “Millions Of Acres Of Slime”6/26/13
    “Build It. Don't Use It.”6/26/13
    “A Taste Of Tar”6/25/13
    “The Patsy”6/5/13
    “KXL Pipe Welders Beware”6/1/13
    “Losing A Congressman?”5/30/13
    “The Reaction”5/29/13
    “New Neighbors?”5/28/13
    “What Leaky Pipes?”5/11/13
    “ExxonMobil Land”4/17/13
    “How Big Will The Pipeline Ruptures Become?”4/16/13
    “Where Can Rex Dump It?”4/15/13
    “Is Tillerson Keeping A Secret?”4/15/13
    “Plans For Planet Earth”3/15/13
    “Sound Good?”3/14/13