More About Obama's Evil Corporate Empire
     in Rhymed Verse

Link HERE to the Greg Palast exposé
     of the Obama, Rubin, Summers conspiracies

“Presidential Boondoggles”11/21/13
“Sue The ACA Contractors?”11/19/13
“Lazy, Indolent and Useless Like Cantor”11/19/13
“Obama's Picks? The Pits!”11/18/13
“Connections Needed”9/23/13
“Generals Join The Unemployed”9/17/13
“Obama's Favorites”9/17/13
“Top Heavy With Top Brass”9/12/13
“McCain: Arms For al Qaeda”9/11/13
“Obama: Not Just A Pinprick”9/11/13
“Putin: Enough With The Threats”9/10/13
“The Disposal”9/10/13
“New Crayolas For Obama?”9/6/13
“Who's Gassing Who”9/6/13
“Picking Sides”9/5/13
“Questions At The 'Top'”9/4/13
“Planning On Retaliation”9/4/13
“Drone Banner Or Phone?”9/3/13
“Make Him A Bushie”9/2/13
“Facebook Followers”8/29/13
“Is Obama Pleading The Fifth?”8/28/13
“Caretaker? Caregiver?”8/25/13
“Rubin, Rubin II”8/24/13
“Wanting It All”8/23/13
“Bagging The Kochs”8/23/13
“Promoting Pollution”8/22/13
“Obama Tries To Sell Our Coal”8/22/13
“Nobel-Obama or Nobel-Mr. Kim”4/13/13
“Obama's Evil Corporate Empire”4/5/13
“Barack's Gift”4/3/13
“Obama Signed What?”3/29/13
“Legacies Of Obama”3/26/13
“Replacing Bipartisanship With Drones”3/25/13
“Another Treasure For Treasurer?”3/24/13
“The State Department States What?”3/17/13
“Plans For Planet Earth”3/15/13