More About Monsanto,
     Purveyor of Poisons in Rhymed Verse

“It Tastes Funny?”12/21/13
“From Failed Politician To Lobbyist Pimp”12/6/13
“Lazy, Indolent and Useless Like Cantor”11/19/13
“Obama's Picks? The Pits!”11/18/13
“Are GMOs What It's Got?”11/3/13
“Democracies Don't Need Bigger Bribes”10/28/13
“Grandchildren With Extras”9/26/13
“Obama's Favorites”9/17/13
“Ruining Reputations”8/12/13
“Alberta's End Appears Near”7/21/13
“GMOs For The Dogs”7/2/13
“The Key To Success”6/18/13
“He Never Saw It Coming”6/16/13
“A Landlocked Landlubber”6/16/13
“Raped By Monsanto”6/7/13
“Privacy For Monsanto Competitors?”6/7/13
“Who'll Get Our Vote?”5/27/13
“The Uncaring Debbie Stabenow”5/27/13
“Who Knew?”5/25/13
“Ending Hugh Grant's Evil Reign”5/25/13
“Those Jokes, The Kochs”5/22/13
“Guillotine Needed”5/20/13
“Monsanto's Minions, Adieu”5/18/13
“Expanding Monsanto's Product Line”5/18/13
“Monsanto's Poisons”5/17/13
“Boycotting Penalties”5/15/13
“What's In Your Tap Water?”5/12/13
“Let's Hear It For Taste Buds”4/28/13
“Carbonated Roundup”4/27/13
“Is Monsanto Doomed?”4/20/13
“Wave Bye-bye, Wayne”4/12/13
“Monsanto Patents Its Cancers?”4/11/13
“Step Right Up”4/10/13
“Devastating Monsanto”4/4/13
“Banning Biotech Foods & Weeds”4/1/13
“Justifying CEO Pay”3/31/13
“No Standing In Court”3/30/13
“Roundup Resistant”3/30/13
“Obama Signed What?”3/29/13
“Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein Loves Monsanto's GMOs”11/29/12 - 2/16/13
“Don't Screw Around With The Soybeans”4/24/12
“Monsanto's Class Warfare”4/22/12