"A Secretary Is Not A Toy"
     “Not Rummy's Toy”
"A Woman in Love"
     “A Woman Afraid”
     “A Woman Who Cares”
"Fugue For Tinhorns"
     “Fugue For Horny Generals”11/30/12
     “A Hack's Fugue For Flacks”
"Guys And Dolls"
     “Lies and Pols – I”
     “Lies and Pols – II”
     “Lies and Pols – III”
     “Pols and Dolls”
"Heart And Soul"
     “Hearts or Dough?”
"I Don't Want To Walk Without You, (Baby)"
     “An Insensitive Bushie”
     “Getting Behind Hastert”
     “McCain Collaborates Again”
     “Talking To Demagogues”
     “Talking While Walking”
"I Hear Music"
"Luck Be A Lady Tonight"
     “Assassination Tonight?”
     “Help Solve Our President's Plight”
     “Lloyd, You're A Loser”
     “Luck, Prove The President's Right”
"Murder, He Says"
     “Attrition, He Says”
     “Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein Loves Monsanto's GMOs”
     “So, Bend Over, He Says”
"On A Slow Boat To China"
     “Bush Outsources Torture”
     “The Blue Collar Hillary”
"Once In Love With Amy"
     “Once A Lug Like Cheney”
"Pet Me, Poppa"
     “Pay Up, Poppa”
"Praise The Lord and Pass The Amunition"
     “Praise George Bush”
"Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat"
     “Choosing A Rev'rend”
"Standing On the Corner"
     “Sending More Embalmers”
"Take Back Your Mink"
     “A Much Broader Base”
     “Give Back My Vote”
     “Give Back Your Pork”
     “I'll Hock Your Minks”
     “I've Hocked Your Minks”
     “Neiman Marcus Loves Old Mac”
     “Read Your Pink Slip – I”
     “Read Your Pink Slip – II”
     “Read Your Pink Slip – III”
"Two Sleepy People"
     “Messrs. Putin-Bush”
     “Two Little Tyrants”