More of Laughing At Texas in Rhymed Verse
    (Please read Gail Collins' wonderfully humorous book,
             "As Texas Goes...")
    (Click here to see the prospect of rising seas flooding parts of Texas
    “Farming Is Hell”7/7/13
    “Oops, Too Busy”7/5/13
    “GMOs For The Dogs”7/2/13
    “Alberta's Five Star Tar”7/1/13
    “Texans Locked Down”6/27/13
    “Have You A Favorite?”6/24/13
    “Abandoning Banning Abortion”6/23/13
    “G.O.P. Suicide”6/23/13
    “Tom DeLay, The Texas Scientist”6/14/13
    “Isolating Texas”6/11/13
    “Drowning Or Droughting”6/11/13
    “Something's Rotten Somewhere”6/10/13
    “Moving To Texas?”6/10/13
    “Conservation In Texas”6/9/13
    “Rick Perry's Wife Complains”6/9/13
    “Left Behind By Bushie”6/8/13
    “And Their Party Is...”6/4/13
    “Empty Places In Texas?”6/3/13
    “Remember The Alamo”6/3/13
    “As Texas Goes...”6/2/13
    “The Reaction”5/29/13
    “New Neighbors?”5/28/13
    “Boycotting Penalties”5/15/13
    “Mrs. Withington's Texas Accent”2/23/13
    “Mrs. Withington III vs. Texas Politicians”2/23/13