Private Health Insurer Verses
To DENIED Coverage...
“A Democracy In Name Only”5/27/11
“A Vicious Circle”
“Adverse Medical Events”
“Aetna, CIGNA, etc.”
“Aetna Reciprocity”  (When You're Good To Mama)
“Aetna's Spooks”
“Bailing Out Blue Cross”
“Baucus-Blue Cross Co-Ops”
“Between The Lines”
“Blue Cross Blue Dogs”
“Blue Cross Madams and Their Hookers”
“Blue Cross vs. ADM”
“Bonanzas For Baucus”
“Bungee Jumping Insurance”
“Congressional Nutjobs”
“Corruption In Congress”
“Drugs Medical Underwriters Love”
“Enough PriceWaterhouse?”
“Fight For A Plan”
“First Catch Grannies Nappin'”
“Gambling On Aetna's IOUs”
“God Rebukes Steve King”
“Graft At Risk?”
“Grover's G.0.P. Puppets”5/26/11
“Health Claim Default Swaps”
“Health Insurance For The Healthy”
“Health Insurance Rescission”
“Healthcare Reform Assbackwards”
“Here Come Da Florida Judge”
“How Big's Too Big?”
“How 'Ya Gonna Stop 'Em?”  (How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On the Farm)
“Ignoring The Side Effects”
“Insurance Monopolies”
“Mandatory Max”
“Mandatory Tissues”
“Mister Bottom Pain”  (Mister Cellophane)
“More Preexisting Conditions”
“Narcissistic Joe”
“No Accountability”
“Origami Obama”
“Orrin Hatch On The Take”
“Private Insurer Concessions”
“Proof Palin Reads The Fine Print”
“Rahm Emanuel”
“Reid's Quid Pro Quo”
“Recession Proof?”
“Ronnie Williams: Aetna CEO”
“Senate Moles”
“Shall We Waltz”
“Ten Percent Down?”
“Thank You, Mr. President”
“The Baucus Gestapo”
“The Botox-Blue Cross Conumdrum”
“The Lone Ranger And Tonto”
“The Red Devil's Tearful Priorities”
“They've Got Balls”
“What To Do Next”
“Who Really Needs A "Blue Cross"?”