More Sarah Palin Ploys
“A Comedic Crisis”
“A Failed Maverick”
“Addicted To Mea Culpas”
“Alaskan Style Shenanigans”
“Allotting The Spoils”
“Bail, Baby, Bail!”
“Between The Lines”
“Beware The Doggy Doo”
“Blame The Exorcist or Judy Miller?”
“Bushie Cries Foul”
“Carry Us Back” (Carry Me Back To Old Virginny)
“Congressional Chickens Are Sitting Ducks”
“Could Trash Talking Backfire?”
“Frontier Justice?”
“Gollum Faces Facts”
“Gollum Morphed Into Old Mac”
“His Palin Folly”
“Jimmy Dobson's Prayers Backfire”
“Joe Napalmer's Last Chance”
“Lie, Baby, Lie!”
“Little Old Mac's Egonomics”
“Mac's Medical Records”
“McCain's Guantanamo Address”
“Neiman Marcus Loves Old Mac”  (Take Back Your Mink)
“Old Mac's ESP”
“Old Mac's Economic Solution”
“Palin's Addington Addiction”
“Palin's Big Mouth”
“Palin's Economic Ploy”
“Palin's Presidential Plans”
“Palin's Promise Not To Prattle”
“Paulson-Palin Welfare”
“Prepping Our Puppet”
“Presidential Insurance & Economics”
“Proof Palin Reads The Fine Print”
“Put The Blame On Mame, Boys”
“Quick On The Trigger”
“Safe Sex”
“Sarah Palin's New Power”
“Sarah Saves The Savior”
“Shoutin' Back At Puttin' Out”
“Spend, Baby, Spend”
“Suppressing Buchanan”
“Targeting Weird Mommies”
“The Beer Baron's Six-Pack”
“The Bushie-Palin Panic”
“The Economic Advisors”
“The Great Palin Puppet Panic”
“The Way That Crazy 'Liz' Cheney Died” 
     (The Year That Clayton Delaney Died)
“Their Guidance Counselor”
“They Haven't A Clue”
“Too Old To Play The Maverick”
“Wasting Addington”
“What We Have In Common?”
“When People Shoot People”
“Which John McCain?”
“Who'll Be My David Addington?”
“Why I Lie”
“Why Question My Judgment?”
“Winkin' vs. Blinkin'”
“Yankee Fans And McPalin Surrogates”